The Biggest Loser’s winners Phil and Amy Parham melt away! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Phil and Amy Parham, winners, “The Biggest Loser”

Mr. Media is recorded live from St. Petersburg, Florida, the NEW new media capitol of the world and hometown of the world’s Number One “Biggest Loser”… me! HEY! Who wrote that? I gotta change my password!

The 90-Day Fitness Challenge DVD, Phil and Amy Parham
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Although an admitted reality TV junkie, I have pretty much resisted the whole “Biggest Loser” phenomenon. The name of the NBC show turned me off from the start and the one time I did watch it, I felt manipulated by the editing.

Oh, look, the pounds are melting off that woman! I feel so happy for her!

Oh, look at the fat dude! He’s getting verbally assaulted by his trainer, Jillian, because she thinks he’s not working hard enough! I feel so bad for him!

Oh, no! He just had a heart attack and died live on network TV!

Okay, I don’t think the last thing ever happened, but it does seem inevitable, doesn’t it?

PHIL PARHAM podcast excerpt: “I always tell people: If you’re gonna go on a reality show, you should probably watch it first.”

So why am I about to interview Phil and Amy Parham, 2008’s The Biggest Loser’s winners for season six?

It doesn’t hurt that they have a new book and DVD, The 90-Day Fitness Challenge, to promote, of course, but I was also told they’re nice, down-to-earth folks. And from what I’ve learned of these South Carolina Realtors, it seems like they have a good story to tell.

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