Patrick Muldoon acts with Kristen Stewart, sings + Masses! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Patrick Muldoon
Patrick Muldoon
The Sleeping Masses
The Sleeping Masses

Joining me today is actor Patrick Muldoon, who you’ll certainly recognize from Starship Troopersand other films. But what you may not know about Patrick is that he’s adjusted his priorities in recent years, putting much of his energy into the band The Sleeping Masses, for whom he is the lead singer and songwriter with Neal Ives.

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He’s having some real success, too, as you can see in the music video for the song “The Woman is the Way.” The song appears in Powder Blue, a movie starring actress Jessica Biel.

He’s also preparing to start a new movie in which he’ll act with Kristen Stewart of Twilight.

(My audio/video interview with Patrick is immediately following one with comedian Debi Gutierrez)

PATRICK MULDOON podcast excerpt: “K-11 is an independent movie that takes place in the L.A. County Jail; we should be shooting any time now. It depends on Kristen Stewart’s schedule. I’ve met her a couple times; I’ve also had the pleasure of working with her mom, who is directing the movie. She is a real sweetheart.”

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