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We’re picky about choosing guests for Mr. Media. First, they have to make sense for a show with a name such as “Mr. Media,” right?

But that covers a lot of ground, including celebrities and newsmakers in movies, TV, book, the Internet, social media, business, sports and even politics.

Another big factor: Is the potential guest an interesting conversationalist? Will he or she make for lively discussion? Does he or she have a sense of humor?

If you or your client think you’re a good match for our show—and can be available for an interview via either Skype or Facetime video—send a short email to bobandelman (at) If we’re interested in seeing your movie, TV show, book, etc. that needs to be sent via USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc., we’ll give you a physical address to submit it at that time.

Thanks for your interest in being a guest on Mr. Media!

Email: MrMediaRadio (at)

Phone: 727-498-4711



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