Fly, Adam Falcon, fly! Guitarist rocks this joint again! VIDEO INTERVIEW, LIVE PERFORMANCE

Today’s Guest: Adam Falcon, guitarist, The Light Shines



Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Guitarist Adam Falcon, who exclusively previews two songs from his new EP, The Light Shines, by clicking on the video player above! 

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of drummers who, if they could count to four, would stand a chance of being invited here as often as Adam Falcon… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

The Light Shines EP by Adam Falcon, Mr. Media Interviews
Order ‘The Light Shines’ by Adam Falcon, available by clicking on the EP cover above! (Available mid-March 2015)

You know how there are some people who just make better house guests than others?

They’re the ones who light up your home when they arrive at the door and when it’s time to go, you’re already counting down the time until they come back.

ADAM FALCON podcast excerpt: “‘The Light Shines’ was inspired by the late comedian Bill Hicks. He was a social critic and satirist. I saw this documentary on his life. He came from a religious household but, at the same time, he shunned (organized) religion. But not spirituality. There was an instance when he and a couple of his buddies went somewhere and had a life-altering experience; they saw this light shine. It was an awakening for him; that summed up a lot of things for me. I think most people have an experience that changes a part of their life in one sense or another.”

Guests on a podcast are like that, too.

Guitarist Adam Falcon is especially like that.

ADAM FALCON podcast excerpt: “I grew up in The Bronx listening to a lot of Aretha Franklin records and Sam Cooke.”

Bohemian 959 by Adam Falcon
Order ‘Bohemian 959’ by Adam Falcon, available from by clicking on the CD cover above!

Today is the fourth time that Adam has taken time from his schedule to join us and it’s always special when he does. In fact, the last time he was here, to promote an appearance in Miami at Art Deco Weekend with drummer Keith LeBlanc and Living Color bass player Doug Wimbish was one of the most extraordinary Mr. Media episodes ever. If you missed it the first time, check out the link below.

ADAM FALCON podcast excerpt: “You learn what you CAN’T do working with George Benson. He’s a rare breed, one of the greats in my book. He showed me things on the guitar and explained different concepts. Not so much how to play but how to approach the guitar. He told me stories about Wes Montgomery and how he would do certain things, as well as Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. It was like taking a master class when I studied with him.”

Since his last appearance, Adam has toured with a show called “Stories Behind the Songs: The Music of Adam Falcon,” tracing and explaining his career in music.

Adam is about to release a new EP, The Light Shines, and it is a perfect follow-up to his last album, Bohemian 959, a smooth blend of blues, jazz and rock. But don’t take my word for it; Adam will preview two songs during today’s show.

Adam Falcon Website • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • MySpace • Order Bohemian 959 from

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