The Biggest Loser’s winners Phil and Amy Parham melt away! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Phil and Amy Parham, winners, "The Biggest Loser" Mr. Media is recorded live from St. Petersburg, Florida, the NEW new media capitol of the world and hometown of the world’s Number One “Biggest Loser”… me! HEY! Who wrote that? I gotta change my password!   Although an admitted reality TV junkie, I have... Continue Reading →

Patrick Muldoon acts with Kristen Stewart, sings + Masses! VIDEO INTERVIEW

  Joining me today is actor Patrick Muldoon, who you’ll certainly recognize from Starship Troopersand other films. But what you may not know about Patrick is that he’s adjusted his priorities in recent years, putting much of his energy into the band The Sleeping Masses, for whom he is the lead singer and songwriter with... Continue Reading →

Comedian Debi Gutierrez takes no prisoners — or Mr. Media! VIDEO INTERVIEW

  Debi Gutierrez, who has been all over your TV in recent years, hosting the PBS series “A Place Of Our Own,” “Clean House” on Style and most recently, “Hidden Agenda” on the Game Show Network, GSN. DEBI GUTIERREZ podcast excerpt: "I come out guns blazing... I talk about things between married couples--that's where I... Continue Reading →

Ted Turner’s favorite TV host, Bill Tush, takes a swing! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Bill Tush, long-time WTBS Superstation TV personality     You kids today think you’ve got it made, what with hundreds of cable TV channels, each one focused on a narrow genre like death and destruction, Herpes, and funny things you can do with string. But back when I was in college there were only... Continue Reading →

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