I predict an Amazing guest in this episode: Kreskin returns! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: The Amazing Kreskin, mentalist


You put a lot of pressure on yourself going around the world with “Amazing” as your first name.
But for The Amazing Kreskin, it’s just another day at the office—even if his office usually entails a stage, a microphone, a few hundred to a few thousand pairs of eyes and ears glued to him, and even more watching him work from the comfort of their living rooms.

He’s been The Amazing One for longer than I’ve been Bob, frankly, and he’s far better at being Amazing than I am at being Bob.

Conversations with Kreskin
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AMAZING KRESKIN podcast excerpt: “I never let down on my schedule. I did 303 appearances around the world. Roger Ailes said, ‘That’s a story in itself.’ My life has really been an adventure.”

Starting this week and running through November 2010, visitors to Las Vegas will have the opportunity to experience The Amazing Kreskin, up-close and in person, when he appears at the Sahara Casino Hotel’s Casbar Lounge.

For the first time ever, Kreskin will offer a weekly 30-minute gambling seminar to audiences and will impart his expertise on how individuals playing poker, blackjack, and other card games of chance can increase their advantage and their odds. Kreskin, who has broken records at casinos nationwide and overseas, will reveal why he’s now banned from all casinos and is not permitted to play poker anywhere in the world—except here on Mr. Media.

We’re also going to touch on a more serious subject: Kreskin’s recent revelation that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, how he delayed treatment for an entire year, and how he is cured of it—amazing!

And folks, don’t try that at home!

So join me now as… Kreskin returns!

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