Lari White’s big break was singing with Robin Gibb in 1984! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Lari White, country singer (NOTE -- I received the sad news tonight that country singer Lari White died today -- January 23, 2018 -- of a rare form of advanced peritoneal cancer. I had the good fortune to meet Lari way back in July 1984, when I was a correspondent in the Clearwater... Continue Reading →

Shawn Mullins returns with songs of love and protest! VIDEO INTERVIEW, LIVE PERFORMANCE

Today's Guest: Shawn Mullins, singer, songwriter, "My Stupid Heart," "Lullabye"     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Shawn Mullins by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience full of Shawn Mullins fans who don’t think there is anything wrong with the man’s heart… in the... Continue Reading →

Catching up with country music singer Lari White! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Lari White, country music singer "Champagne" Music Video (full color) from LariWhite.   (Originally published in Two-Step, May 1994; UPDATE: Sadly, Lari White died of cancer on January 23, 2018.) When Lari White says she's had a pretty great year, she's not kidding. The Dunedin High School and University of Miami graduate's first... Continue Reading →

Does The Amazing Kreskin = The Great Buck Howard? PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: The Amazing Kreskin!   (ORIGINALLY RECORDED MARCH 12, 2009) If you’re old enough to remember “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and “The Mike Douglas Show,” then you’re old enough to have seen a lot of The Amazing Kreskin. When Kreskin is a TV talk show guest, you see well, AMAZING things happen. Wherever his... Continue Reading →

Mike Hammer lives, thanks to novelist Max Allan Collins! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Max Allan Collins, novelist, co-author with Mickey Spillane, Lady, Go Die!   Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of flat-footed coppers and irresistible dames with those long chorus-girl gams I dream of in technicolor… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!   I’m going to... Continue Reading →

I predict an Amazing guest in this episode: Kreskin returns! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: The Amazing Kreskin, mentalist   You put a lot of pressure on yourself going around the world with “Amazing” as your first name. But for The Amazing Kreskin, it’s just another day at the office—even if his office usually entails a stage, a microphone, a few hundred to a few thousand pairs of... Continue Reading →

Peter Carlson wasn’t there but wrote K Blows Top anyway! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  Peter Carlson could have taken all the research he did on Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev’s two-week barnstorming tour of the United States in 1959 and converted it into a Cold War-era fable such as Dr. Strangelove or The Mouse That Roared. He could have done that, but truth is stranger than fiction and the... Continue Reading →

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