November rocks every month in Nashville — and on Mr. Media TV! VIDEO INTERVIEW


November lead singer Hunter Briley

Locating a hard rockin’ band in the middle of country music lovin’ Nashville, Tennessee, was either really dumb or really smart.

I guess I’m going with pretty smart, because if you’re good at being different, you can really stand out in a scene where everyone else sounds similar. And make no doubt about it, the six-piece band November doesn’t sound anything like the music they play at the Grand Ol’ Opry. November rocks!

HUNTER BRILEY podcast excerpt: “Erik said, ‘November is an old defunct skateboarding company.’ And we all said, ‘Not anymore!'”

November—and somebody remind me to ask them about that name — is made up of Hunter Briley on vocals, drummer Michael Dale, guitarists Erik Lundquist and Albert Zampino, Jeremy Brashears on bass and Jon Denney on keyboards. Representing the group today are Hunter and Erik.

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