Adriana Trigiani shares her recipe for Valentine’s amore! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Brava, Valentine: A Novel by Adriana Trigiani
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Valentine Roncalli is 35 and feeling every bit of her years. While her friends and siblings all have families of their own, she lives in her 80-year-old grandmother’s home, amongst all of her grandmother’s trinkets and memories, running her grandmother’s shoe company.

Valentine wants—needs—a man.

ADRIANA TRIGIANI podcast excerpt: “Thematically, the two things my books are always about is, Who do you love?, Who do you choose to love? and What do you do with the labor of your own hands? They’re the two things that keep giving.” 

Gianluca is that man. The suave, sophisticated Italian lights her up like a Roman candle when they’re close—which isn’t often, as she’s in Manhattan and he’s in Italy.What’s a woman to do?

That’s the issue novelist Adriana Trigiani confronts in her second Valentine story, Brava, Valentine, on sale today, February 9. The previous novel in the series, Very Valentine, was a New York Times bestseller and this new one is probably headed for the same territory.

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