Editor Jim Gaines goes all digital upside Mr. Media’s head! PODCAST INTERVIEW


Jim Gaines and I have lots in common.

We both have popular blogs on TrueSlant.com about media topics.

We both converted from typewriters to computers at one point in our careers.

And, of course, we both were once editor of Time, Life and People magazines.

JIM GAINES podcast excerpt: “Content is migrating to the broadband world and the iPad is the first real device that can deliver multimedia content that satisfies. The Amazon Kindle clearly can’t do it; the Sony eReader can’t do it.” 

Hold the presses, wait a minute! Will somebody get a fact-checker in here? I don’t think this is right. When was I editor of People? Who writes this stuff, anyway?

You just can’t good help these days on what Google Adsense and Amazon Associates pay, you know?

Jim Gaines
Jim Gaines

Since leaving the print world, Jim has been in a couple of interesting online media situations. His most recent was as editor of FLYP—yup, with a ‘Y’ where you’re expecting an ‘I’—which he calls a “proof-of-concept experiment in digital storytelling.” You can see it for yourself a www.FlypMedia.com. Shortly, I’ll force him to explain what that means under threat of a lifetime editorial consulting and personal services contract with the New York Post.

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