Chef John Besh on the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience! PODCAST INTERVIEW

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Some of my favorite travel adventures have centered on New Orleans. The first time I went there was by car with my sister when I was in college. It was the early ‘80s and the city was host to some kind of World’s Fair-like event.

Since then I’ve returned for work and pleasure, both before and after Katrina. The food is always incredible, the people delightful and the sights and sounds truly one of a kind.

And hey, how good would the SUGARCANE GRILLED PORK CHOP from Commander’s Palace and a trio of beignets buried in powdered sugar from Café du Monde taste right now?

That’s why I jumped at the chance to invite three of the principals in the upcoming New Orleans Wine & Food Experience to come on the show. What’s the media connection? you may ask. Simple: among the many featured guests are the winner and several finalists from the fifth season of Top Chef.

Joining me today are Joyce Godbold, executive director of the festival, Greg Reggio, president of the board, and the event’s host, Chef John Besh.

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