Her Fugitive Heart keeps Ravi PI under Hindu Gods’ protection! VIDEO INTERVIEW



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To me, the arrival of a new Ravi P.I. novel by Adi Tantimedh is like being handed a fresh-baked soft pretzel and a Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I’m going to try and consume it slowly, savoring every biteand every sip. But in the end, I always give in to the impulse of zooming through because it’s just so damned good!

Of course, when it’s gone, I’m left wanting another. And another.

"Her Fugitive Heart: Ravi PI" by Adi Tantimedh
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And with the third book in the series, Her Fugitive Heart, Tantimedh has such a commanding grip on what makes his characters swing through murder, intrigue, a secret, kinky sex club, deception, lies and – yes! – marriage that this installment is as good as the first two combined.

ADI TANTIMEDH podcast excerpt: “Ravi is starting to realize that maybe the gods might be real that he might not be crazy after all”

The real question: is this the end of Ravi’s adventures? Or is it just the beginning?

Joining me today for the third time is the creator and author of the series, Adi Tantimedh.

NOTE — Due to some recording issues, this isn’t the easiest audio to hear. We’ve fixed the problem going forward, but my apologies to Adi and to you! – Bob Andelman, Mr. Media.

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The Wages of Sin by Keith Brown, Mr. Media Interviews
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