1045 This Vs. That? Scientific method, jokes will set you straight! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guests: Brad Sherwood, comedian, Jon Hotchkiss, showrunner, “This Vs. That”



Watch the exclusive Mr. Media interview with comedian and This Vs. That co-host Brad Sherwood and creator Jon Hotchkiss by clicking on the video player above!

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of indecisive SOBs who can’t choose between folding chairs or couches with exposed springs because they don’t know which is more likely to hurt their butts in the long run… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Why is anything done in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed?

For example, why do most airlines board passengers from the front of the plane to the back—or even the back to the front—whereas the most consistently profitable airline doesn’t assign seats and loads faster?

Why is coffee most often served in Styrofoam cups when there are so many other options?

JON HOTCHKISS podcast excerpt: “This Vs. That is not about people’s opinions. It’s about, what are the facts? If you were thinking about getting a new barbecue grill for the backyard, do you want one with propane or natural gas? People reflexively think they’re the same, but natural gas comes out of your house and Brad says propane comes from the place next to the methadone clinic. And, it turns out, one is two and a half times hotter than the other.” 

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Why do a growing number of TV viewers retain news and information delivered with humor better than just a dry recitation of the facts?

On This Vs. That, a new web-only TV series aimed at men via scientific method, the three co-hosts—friends Brad Sherwood, Mark DeCarlo and Chris Tallman—investigate science, urban legends and a bit of nonsense, always with a sense of humor and eye toward the absurd.

Some of the issues recently on their minds:

• Which flotation is more likely to save your life if you survive a plane crash in water? Life vest vs. seat cushion??

• Which pet is smarter? It’s Dogs vs. Cats

• What’s the best way to get through traffic – stay in your lane or weave in and out?

The show was created by Jon Hotchkiss, one of the original writers on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” and a former showrunner for Showtime’s long running “Penn & Teller: Bullshit.”

You can sample the show for free— or watch all six hour-long, HD episodes of This Vs That for $5.49—
at the website ThisVsThatShow.com.

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