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Today’s Guests: ‘My Brother the Devil’ star James Floyd, director/writer Sally El Hosaini



Watch the exclusive Mr. Media interview with ‘My Brother The Devil’ writer/director Sally El Hosaini and star James Floyd by clicking the video player above!

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My Brother the Devil
My Brother the Devil, a film by Sally El Hosaini, available from by clicking on the poster above!

In the first half of My Brother the Devil, you will think you know where director Sally El Hosaini is going with the story. It seems somewhat predictable and it’s easy to see that some viewers will shrug and ask themselves, “What’s the big deal?”

But that’s why movies, like life itself, rarely unfold in a single act.

Set in London, this story of youth gangs, frustration, sexuality and brotherhood may remind some of a 1992 British film that I can’t mention by name because it will give too much away.

SALLY EL HOSAINI podcast excerpt: “When I started writing the script for ‘My Brother the Devil,’ I was attracted to the youth in my area, specifically the Arab youth.  This mix of cultures and their struggle for identity was something I could relate to.” 

Let’s just say, watch My Brother the Devil in its entirety and you’ll know what I mean.

The film stars James Floyd and Fady Elsayed as brothers sharing a room — and a bunk bed — in their parents home, a place that has clearly become crowded by expectations of life and the stranglehold of neighborhood gangs.

What may surprise many viewers is that this testosterone-driven indie drama was written and directed by a woman, Sally El-Hosaini, making her feature film debut. It may take a few more successful efforts, but don’t be surprised to one day hear her name mentioned in the same breath as Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow.

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Fady Elsayed, James Floyd, My Brother the Devil
Fady Elsayed, James Floyd, My Brother the Devil

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