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Watch the exclusive Mr. Media® interview with actor Matthew Ziff, star of Treachery and Six-Gun Savior, by clicking on the video player above!
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Treachery stars Michael Biehn and Matthew Ziff, Mr. Media Interviews
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Usually, I like to see a film in its entirety before inviting an actor to be a guest on Mr. Media.

But I’m told that Treachery, an explosive new family drama starring Matthew Ziff and Michael Biehn, is still being put together in post-production in anticipation of its test screening at this year’s Sunscreen Film Festival, April 18th to 21st in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

So, because I want to help raise awareness of our local festival, I’m going to talk to Ziff a little blind here. The trailer looks pretty dynamic, though, so we’re going on faith that the film will match up.(Don’t they always?)

MATTHEW ZIFF podcast excerpt: “If they seem pretty cool, like they’d be into Quidditch, I’ll tell them I play it pretty quick. Because it’s a pretty big part of my life. If people don’t like that, it’s their loss.” 

A few interesting facts about Matthew Ziff:

• He has been modeling professionally since he was two months old;

• He attended the University of Miami (as did I, at least for my freshman year);

• He has 1.6 million followers on his verified Twitter account;

• And, get this: in July, 2012, he represented the USA in the International Quidditch Association’s Summer Games during the Olympic Torch Relay in England, where Team USA won the Gold medal.

So he’s got that going for him.

There will be an exclusive test screening of Treachery at this year’s Sunscreen Film Festival, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and crew. Before the movie, there will also be a screening of a Ziff short, Speed Demon.

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