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The Transformative CEO: IMPACT LESSONS FROM INDUSTRY GAME CHANGERS, Jeffrey J. Fox, Robert Reiss

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What do the founders of The Home Depot, and Paul Mitchell Systems and the CEOs of Black Entertainment Television, Marvel Entertainment and Campbell Soup have in common?

According to consultant Jeff Fox, author of The Transformative CEO, they all have the key traits and characteristics of great and successful business leaders.

JEFFREY J. FOX audio excerpt: “When Douglas Conant went to Campbell Soup, they had lost 50 percent of their market share value, morale was plummeting, sales were down, profits were going away. The current management was taking chicken out of chicken soup to save money!” 

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Fox, who previously appeared here to discuss his last book, How to Be a Fierce Competitor, has created a cottage industry in identifying great management tips and dispensing them in short books that even a CEO can stay focused on from cover to cover.

The Transformative CEO is no different.

I have to admit Fox had me at “Bernie Marcus”–as the guy who wrote Built From Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot—I had to know what Fox made of their remarkable success. He promises to help you transform yourself.

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LISTEN: Jeffrey J. Fox was previously on Mr. Media to discuss his book How to Be A Fierce Competitor (2011)


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