959 Indie filmmaker Alex Ferrari turns to olive oil imports! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Alex Ferrari, Red Princess Blues, Broken, filmmaker, olive oil importer


Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of slippery Hollywood producers hoping to grease the skids with olive oil imports to make appearances here annually… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Lipstick & Bullets, Alex Ferrari
Lipstick & Bullets, the Alex Ferrari film collection

When Alex Ferrari has appeared on this program in years past, it has been to promote short, sometimes experimental films that never made it to wide release.

But I like Alex and always found the young filmmaker’s work to be explosive and worth talking about so I kept inviting him back.

Good news: Broken, his $8,000 debut, as well as his second film, Cyn, plus Red Princess Blues, starring Robert Forster, Richard Tyson and Rachel Grant, and Red Princess Blues: Genesis starring Lance Henriksen, are all collected for the first time in one volume of revenge films titled Lipstick & Bullets.

ALEX FERRARI podcast excerpt: “Red Princess Blues — I had just moved to Hollywood. We shot it on the Red camera. We were lucky enough to get actors Richard Tyson and Robert Forster. My production designer was fresh off of 24. My stunt coordinator was from 24 and is now on Hawaii Five-0.” 

This is a must-own for any true film fan.

We’re going to talk about Lipstick & Bullets today, but also on the menu is Ferrari Olive Oil.

That’s right: film director Alex Ferrari has branched out into the production of – of all things – olive oil. We’ll find out why today!

Alex Ferrari WebsiteFacebookNumb Robot websiteFerrari Olive OilVimeoYouTubeOrder Lipstick & Bullets from Amazon.com

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