Americans, yes, Americans are starving, Kate Snow reports! PODCAST INTERVIEW


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Kate Snow, Rock Center
Kate Snowis an NBC News correspondent on “Rock Center with Brian Williams” (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC Universal)

It’s never a good time to be poor in America and today is no different. The rich are getting richer at a record pace and, thanks to an entrenched 9 percent unemployment rate, more of our fellow citizens are slipping off the grid into the abyss.

Tonight on “Rock Center with Brian Williams, NBC News correspondent Kate Snow looks at the growing number of middle class and working class Americans being forced to accept some form of food assistance. They’re budgeting their government help to last a month and it’s never been harder. She says that Americans are starving.

KATE SNOW podcast excerpt: “I hope this story prompts a conversation. I think you’re going to be shocked to see what’s happening with a lot of families.”

As for Snow, she is a veteran of “Dateline NBC” who jumped ship to guide rookie newsmagazine host Brian Williams through these early days of “Rock Center.”

Okay, that may not be how anyone will officially explain the situation at NBC News, but who you gonna believe? Them or Mr. Media?

“Rock Center with Brian Williams airs every Monday night at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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