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All Access: The Rock 'N' Roll Photography of Ken Regan
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Photographer Ken Regan was there when Bob Dylan meet Bob Dylan 2.0 – Bruce Springsteen – for the first time.

And he was there when the Beatles landed in New York City on that fateful day in February 1964.

He also shot pictures at Keith Richards’ 1983 wedding to Patti Hansen and captured images of a Rolling Stone just about as happy, healthy and delighted as you’ll ever see the man.

KEN REGAN podcast excerpt: “To have Mick Jagger sitting on a park bench in Central Park — you don’t have that opportunity very often”

In All Access: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography of Ken Regan, you and I get to see everything that this American master saw when he was on the scene of pop music’s greatest moments. Those include back-to-back tours with The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan in 1975, The Band’s Last Waltz, George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh, and Live Aid in 1985.

Mick Jagger by Ken Regan
Mick Jagger on a bench in New York’s Central Park. Photograph by Ken Regan.

He has gone on assignment for the best of the best in American journalism, including Time, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, People, Newsweek, Life and Entertainment Weekly.

I can tell you from my own experience covering rock ‘n’ roll as a journalist in the 1980s and traveling to concerts and events with photographer and former roommate Dennis Osborne that the shutterbugs see, hear and experience things that no one else does. These guys and gals get special access because they’re entrusted to capture moments on film, not in written or recorded words.

The irony is that, as the song goes, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” Sometimes the photographer’s images are more candid and revealing than anything us ink-stained wretches can take away.

Let me put it another way: whatever great on-the-job stories you have, I’ll wager that the photographer’s are better.

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