From Waco to wackos, NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders is always there, always fair! PODCAST INTERVIEW



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Kerry Sanders
Kerry Sanders, NBC News

I have done my best to keep the Casey Anthony case at arm’s length from day one.

Since becoming a dad almost 15 years ago, I have had no tolerance for real-life or even fictional stories that detail abuse to children. Seeing harm befall your child is every parent’s nightmare and I found the fewer stories of it I absorbed during the day, the better I slept at night.

And no, I don’t watch “Law & Order” or “CSI.”

KERRY SANDERS podcast excerpt: “(The Casey Anthony murder trial) is a captivating story so I’m understand why people have set aside the details of their daily lives to see what is going to happen.”

That said, I’m setting aside my embargo on discussing child endangerment, abuse and murder because an old friend of mine – and of this show – NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders, is available to talk about his coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial that is wrapping up in Orlando, Florida.

Kerry has been NBC’s Miami-based correspondent since 1996, covering news mainly in the South and throughout Latin America. He contributes regularly to “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “Today,” MSNBC and occasionally to “Dateline NBC.”

You have seen his memorable coverage of stories such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew, the war in Kosovo, the Haitian military coup and the ATF military siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. He was also a reporter embedded with the US Marines during the Iraq War.

I think it’s safe to say that that was a most terrifying time for not just Kerry, but for his lovely wife Deborah Sharp (listen to her Mr. Media interview HERE) and all of his friends. Every report filed during those days was a good day back home.

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