Blue Collar comedian Bill Engvall (hearts)… Michael Vartan? PODCAST INTERVIEW

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Don’t tell my wife, but I’ve watched those Blue Collar Comedy standup specials on Comedy Central starring Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White about a hundred times.

I usually catch them on the little TV in the kitchen while I eat lunch. It doesn’t matter that I already know the jokes and the punchlines – and you know that Larry is always going to be the punchline when they’re together.

BILL ENGVALL podcast excerpt: “Unfortunately, no, I’m not the love interest (for Jada Pinkett Smith’s character on ‘Hawthorne’)… If I had my pick, it would be Michael Vartan. But I had a great time with Marc Anthony.”

These four guys are like a 21st century version of the Three Stooges to my way of thinking. Not in terms of looks or slapping each other around, but because there’s no way a guy can justify to his wife or girlfriend how hard they make you laugh.

And like his Blue Collar comedian compadres, Bill Engvall has made a real industry of this Blue Collar business. He sells out comedy tours, has published a book, done movies, and starred in a sitcom under his own name on the Tyler Perry channel – I mean TBS.

Now he’s stretching the brand even further in a most unlikely way – guest starring on three episodes of Jada Pinkett Smith’s TNT drama series, “Hawthorne.” Engvall’s second appearance as Det. Jimmy Dupree airs Tuesday, June 28 at 10 p.m.

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