Buddy Scalera’s inside scoop on Creating Comics! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Buddy Scalera, author, Creating Comics from Start to Finish


Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of comic book creators who watch Smallville backwards in hopes of hearing secret messages from Tom Welling… in the new new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!


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Stan Lee, Buddy Scalera
Stan Lee, Buddy Scalera

The first thing you notice about Buddy Scalera? A really cool, literary name.

Honestly, I’d like to name a character in a movie “Buddy Scalera.” Maybe comedy about bowling? Or he could be a high school English teacher. Or a nebbishy stock broker who plots to rob a bank. How awesome would that be? But don’t tell the real Buddy – I don’t want to be sued.

Speaking of the real Scalera, he’s the author of the just released instructional book, Creating Comics from Start to Finish. And even if you’re not a comic book writer or artist wannabe, it’s a really interesting piece of work the way it takes readers behind the scenes of how sausages – I mean comic books — are made.

Creating Comics from Start to Finish by Buddy Scalera. Click on the book cover above to order your copy now!

BUDDY SCALERA podcast excerpt: “Learning about how the comic book creators broke in, how hard they work, the things they do to stay in… It’s a really competitive business. If you fail or take a holiday, there are hundreds of people to take your place. The people I interviewed know this. That impressed me.”

Scalera knows the business from having been on the inside – he co-wrote Deadpool at Marvel with his friend Jimmy Palmiotti and created and published his own title, 7 Days to Fame, for After Hours Press.

More recently, Scalera started a website devoted to teaching his favorite subject, ComicBookSchool.com.

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Part 3 of 3

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