Actor Parvesh Cheena gets slapped silly on Outsourced! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Anisha Nagarajan and Parvesh Cheena, stars of NBC's 'Outsourced'
Anisha Nagarajan and Parvesh Cheena, stars of NBC’s ‘Outsourced’

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of people who may think they can top my Whack-a-Gupta score of 725… in the new new media capitol of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

A few things I learned about “Gupta,” perhaps the nuttiest sitcom character on network TV in years:

• He can’t drive. Not a bike, not a car.

• He likes to watch. His boss. In bed. Sleeping. Not sleeping.

• He loves the break room cookies. Sorry, Madhuri.

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• He looks a lot like his glasses-wearing cousin.

• He knows how to wear a giant ear and spy on his bosses.

• And he can break into Bollywood-style song and dance at a moment’s notice.

When “Outsourced” debuted on NBC last September, I have no doubt that Gupta – played to perfection by actor Parvesh Cheena – was one of the characters that set the tongues of TV critics wagging. He was a stereotype and not a good one at that they thought! But given some space to become a three-dimensional figure, Gupta was discovered to be the essence of sweetness, with a few necessary quirks. He could just as easily have been Kenneth the Page on “30 Rock” or even Creed on “The Office.”

PARVESH CHEENA podcast excerpt: “I secretly always thought Gupta would one day be with Madhuri in a spinoff: ‘Madhuri Tolerates Gupta.’ As opposed to ‘Joanie Loves Chachi.'”

And as the actor playing Gupta, Cheena – like his goofy, guileless counterparts on other NBC Thursday night shows – had to let go of all inhibitions. He succeeded magnificently.

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Parvesh Cheena, star of NBC's 'Outsourced'
Parvesh Cheena, star of NBC’s ‘Outsourced’

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