America Olivo meets Spider-man on Broadway! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: America Olivo, actor, “Chicago P.D.,” “Defiance,” “DeGrassi: The Next Generation”


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Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark
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America Olivo is full of surprises.The first time she was on the show, ostensibly to promote a new movie called Circle, she did the interview from the basement of the Foxwoods Theatre on Broadway. Upstairs, rehearsals were underway for a new musical directed by Julie Taymor and featuring music by Bono and The Edge. You may have heard of it: “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

She couldn’t say anything much about it at the time; I learned much later that she is the understudy for one of the leads as the villainess “Arachne” — and several other major and minor characters.

America Olivo, Playboy magazine
America Olivo on the cover of Playboy magazine

AMERICA OLIVO podcast excerpt“I don’t know if the talk about Spider-Man upsets the cast and crew as much as the incidents. It’s such a technical show and to be rushed made things a bit precarious.”

After the interview ended, America said I might enjoy talking to her husband, Christian Campbell. They met on the set of Neighbor and were married in July 2009. He’s got his own career going – perhaps you’ve heard of HBO’s “Big Love”? Christian has a recurring role in the series fifth and final season, which just kicked off.

These two both have live theater, music soap operas and genre roles in their shared past. Oh, and did I mention they’re both extremely good looking?

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