713 Samantha Lockwood takes Jay Mewes to romantic comedy hell! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Samantha Lockwood, actor, Shoot the Hero


Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of slobbering horndogs in the new new media capital of the world and home of the best team in baseball… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Shoot the Hero, Samantha Lockwood, Jason Mewes
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What’s a stunningly beautiful actress like Samantha Lockwood doing in a hail of bullets called Shoot the Hero?

Breaking up, making up and robbing a jewelry store with Jay Mewes (Kevin Smith’s partner in the Jay and Silent Bob movies), for one thing. Getting manhandled by Nicholas Turturo and Danny Trejo for another.

She stars with those guys in this new comedy action heist flick written and directed by Christian Sesma. It’s out on DVD and while it may not win an Oscar, it’s a fun ride for a Saturday night date.

SAMANTHA LOCKWOOD podcast excerpt: “My role is to play Jason Mewes fiance. She’s not a b-word; she’s a girl who’s just frustrated in her relationship. She’s dealing with how her fiance spends his time playing videogames. She wants him to grow up and be more mature.” 

Samantha is doing a grassroots campaign to promote Shoot the Hero and her jewelry line, Fleurings — a style of jewelry that holds water and living flowers. And this week she landed the plum role of silent movie star Mary Pickford in a biopic of the actress’ life.

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