686 Sex with Emily host Emily Morse meets Mr. Media–feels good! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Emily Morse, podcast host, “Sex with Emily,” author, Hot Sex

Emily Morse, podcast host, "Sex With Emily," Mr. Media Interviews
Emily Morse, podcast host, “Sex With Emily”

For now, she’s still Emily Morse, the host of the podcast, “Sex With Emily,” but pretty soon, it will be “Dr. Emily” to you, bub.

That’s right, our pretty little Internet radio sex and relationships goddess is in the process of studying for a doctorate in human sexuality.

Regular listeners of “Sex With Emily” have been keeping abreast of the situation as Emily blends her real life with our lives.

SEX WITH EMILY podcast excerpt: “I was on a man-atorium — which is like a moratorium, only without men — for about seven months… It was really good for me. I just wanted to take time off from sex for a while. But I’m ready again and I’ll keep you posted.”

Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight! Jayme Waxman, Emily Morse
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Sex With Emily,which began life as a traditional, over-the-air radio show in San Francisco, is now in its sixth year and remains one of iTunes’ most popular podcast downloads. The show is now a sausage fest; that is, despite the title, it is rarely graphic or porno-graphic. In fact, most of us keep tuning in of late wondering when Emily herself is gonna get some sex. As I think she’ll tell you, it’s been a while.

And it’s not just Emily on the show; she works with her faithful sidekick, Menace, sometimes known as Dennis, and often features guests from entertainment, politics and the world of entertainment.

You can catch “Sex With Emily” on your mobile device with the Stitcher app, or on iTunes or via her website, SexWithEmily.com.

Sex With Emily Website • Podcast • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Wikipedia • Instagram • Emily & Tony • Order Hot Sex from Amazon.com

The Millionaire's Convenient Arrangement by Jane Peden, Mr. Media Interviews
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