Artist Drew Friedman asks ‘Too Soon?’ PODCAST INTERVIEW

Too Soon? by Drew Friedman, artist, Mr. Media Interviews
Too Soon? by Drew Friedman, artist, Mr. Media Interviews
Drew Friedman, Planet Hollywood, Mr. Media Inerviews
Planet Hollywood by Drew Friedman

Turn to any page in Drew Friedman’s new book, Too Soon?, and it’s hard not to either smile or laugh out loud.

Friedman, who has enjoyed a long and successful career as a caricaturist of the powerful, the successful and the way overblown ego, demonstrates in this new collection how much his work has evolved and grown since moving away the stippling style that once was all he did.

In the mid-90s, Friedman moved away from his old unique style of using thousands of individual pen marks to create a photorealism in favor of painting his subjects instead. The result is the familiar Friedman style but with a deeper, lusher texture and effect.

DREW FRIEDMAN podcast excerpt: “Barney Fife–Don Knotts–is who Barack Obama looks like to me. The ears are certainly prominent; the structure of his face is interesting.” 

You can LISTEN to this interview with artist DREW FRIEDMAN, author of TOO SOON? FAMOUS/INFAMOUS FACES 1995-2010, by clicking the audio player above!

Too Soon?—the title refers to the cover portrait of the late Michael Jackson with dark, hollow eyes—gathers material from incredibly varied sources: Time and The Weekly Standard, of course, but also The Village Voice and The Nation. His work from Mad magazine and The New Yorker are here, too. The book features a front cover blurb from Howard Stern and an introduction inside by Jimmy Kimmel.

This is Drew’s second visit to Mr. Media Radio.

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