602 Singer Fly won’t let cancer—or anything else—slow him down! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Fly, lead singer, Underground

Being a one-named rock star has been good business for Bono, Sting, Flea and, um, Cher.

So why not a bald-headed, rap-around sunglasses wearing guy named Fly?

FLY podcast excerpt: “I am a bit of a mystery. I’ve always been attracted to mystery. The Police and U2 created a sense o mystery which enticed people to want to know more.” 

You can LISTEN to this interview with singer FLY by clicking the audio player above!

I don’t know much about this man whose name reminds me of a 1986 David Cronenberg movie starring Jeff Goldblum. His bio is just a couple of unrevealing sentences. Fly is the lead singer of a band called Underground, which gas a new CD out called Chasing the Future, which you can find on CDBaby.com.

Fly & Underground WebSiteYouTubeMySpaceTwitter •  FacebookBlogOrder Fly’s CD “Chasing the Future” on Amazon.com

"Chasing the Future" by Underground.
Chasing the Future by Underground. Order your copy today by clicking on the CD cover above!

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