Christopher Ventura, Peter LaSala, IT’S OK, I’M AN ACTOR online TV producers: Mr. Media Radio Interview


There was a lot of chatter during the 2009 Emmy Awards broadcast about the future of the broadcast television networks. ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are under assault by cable TV and… a guy named Joe.

That’s right, Joe.

Joe is the star of an Internet reality TV series called, “It’s OK! I’m an Actor.” You can watch it yourself at ItsOK.TV.

Originally from Ellsworth, Kansas, Joe moved to Brooklyn to pursue an acting career. While he looks for his big break, Joe is the subject of an online reality series in which a camera crew documents his life, 24/7.

It’s not always pretty. Like the episode in which we discovered that Joe had crabs. Or when he cheated on his ex-girlfriend with a stripper—although the jury is still out on whether it’s cheating if it’s your ex-girlfriend.

Christopher Ventura, a 2009 graduate of the film program at Syracuse University, is the man behind Ventura Creative, which produces “It’s OK! I’m an Actor.”

Also joining us is Ventura’s co-producer, Peter LaSala. He’s created several film and video shorts in both narrative and documentary genres.

If you’re a fan of such shows as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may feel right at home watching “It’s OK!” And you may agree that the Television Academy should keep looking over its shoulder.

Hear it now!CHRISTOPHER VENTURA podcast excerpt: “We have to look up all these products we do to be sure we’re not encroaching on any trademarks. When we were looking up ManPooh, we found somebody had registered it. But we figured it’s just promotion for them.” 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with CHRISTOPHER VENTURA and PETER LaSALA, co-creators of IT’S OK, I’M AN ACTOR, by clicking the audio player above!

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