Jamie Lee Kirchner takes Mr. Media for a hospital tour, stat! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Jamie Lee Kirchner, star of 'Mercy' and 'The Mob Doctor'
Jamie Lee Kirchner, star of ‘Mercy’ and ‘The Mob Doctor’

Reports of the death of the TV hospital drama—foretold by the end of “ER” last season after 27 years on the air—were apparently premature.

Showtime has “Nurse Jackie”; TNT has “HawthoRNe” and NBC is back with a new one that adds an “M,” a “C” and a “Y” to “E” and “R” and that gives us “Mercy.” (Oh, stop groaning—you saw that one coming a mile away.) (“Mercy” Website)

JAMIE LEE KIRCHNER podcast excerpt: “It’s a friendship show. It’s like ‘Sex and the City’ with cheaper footwear. There’s a lot of comedy; just when you think you know who these people are, they make a hard left turn.” 

But alert Nurse Hathaway! In this network show, the nurses—not the doctors—are running the asylum. Starring Taylor Schilling, Michelle Tractenberg and my guest today, Jamie Lee Kirchner, “Mercy” lets viewers know who’s really in charge on the floors.

Mercy: The Complete Series starring Jamie Lee Kirchner
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