Neil Budde says is not all about Me, Me, Me! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Neil Budde,, Courier-Journal, editor, Mr. Media Interviews
Neil Budde, co-founder of, is now executive editor of The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky.

I’m not one of those crybabies who thinks newspapers are dying. I do, however, think that the news itself is migrating to new distribution systems and that, in the future, the word “paper” will be less and less connecting with the word “news.”Okay, maybe I do think newspapers are dying. But I believe well-managed, thoughtful and provocative news organizations will always thrive in the new media order.

The Huffington Post recently announced a million-dollar commitment to investigative journalism., a news startup, has become a home to experienced journalists—including Mr. Media—who are pursuing their beats in new ways by blogging as often as they have something fresh to say on a subject.

The latest entrant to the news-for-all is, a start-up news gathering operation that boasts of adding 5,000 new stories daily from the most reputable of sources, including the Associated Press, Reuters, the Dallas Morning News, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Newsday.

It’s also licensing and repackaging news product for third parties. comes to us from the minds of Eduardo Hauser and Neil Budde, who will join us in a moment.

Hauser has 18 years of online and offline media experience at AOL Latin America, Venevision and the Cisneros Group of Companies. He is also a member of the board of directors of NPR (National Public Radio).

As for my guest today, Neil Budde was the founding editor and publisher of The Wall Street Journal Online, having formulated the original idea for the site and developed it into one of the most successful subscription news sites around. He later built Yahoo! News.

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