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Michael Jackson​ has died at age 50. The pop idol, whose music, choreography and fashion changed the face of popular culture, was rushed to the hospital shortly after 12:30 p.m. PT on Thursday, June 25, 2009, upon being found unconscious in his Los Angeles home. He reportedly never regained consciousness.

​In commemoration of the man, BlogTalkRadio presented ​Michael Jackson Remembered​.

​The live, two-hour special was anchored by ​Mr. Media​ host ​Bob Andelman​, and featured contributions from fellow BTR hosts ​Kevin Ross​, ​Mutha Knows​, ​Shaun Daily​, ​MarQ with a Q​ as well as many listeners.

​Guests included Eric Deggans​, TV and media critic for the ​St. Petersburg Times​, who is from Michael’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, as well as journalist Jonah Keri.

​Bob will also be taking calls from fans around the globe who want to share their memories of The King of Pop – and how he impacted their lives forever.

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