Weeds’ Justin Kirk takes Mr. Media to University of Andy! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Weeds: Season One
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Last night, my wife and I engaged in one of those perception vs. reality recaps. In it, I recalled my perception of the Showtime sitcom “Weeds” was that there couldn’t possibly a show in which I could have even less interest.

I’ve never been a drug guy. No smoky, no snortie, no pills, hell, I don’t even drink. Never been an interest of mine. So why the hell would I watch a show about a widow who becomes a pot dealer to support her two boys—and it’s played for laughs?

Okay, I was wrong. Last fall, I was laid up for several weeks and going out of my mind with boredom. I became well acquainted with the “On Demand” function of our cable service and caught up with a lot of TV shows I had previously missed. And when those ran out, I watched a random episode of “Weeds.”

Justin Kirk and Mary Louise Parker co-star in Weeds
Justin Kirk and Mary Louise Parker co-star in Weeds (Photo: Randy Tepper)

I laughed so hard it hurt.

Could I have been so wrong? Yes.

JUSTIN KIRK podcast excerpt: “I came on Weeds in the fourth episode (but) no one cares about the first three. My first say was scenes with Hunter. One was I’m on his computer, impersonating him, IMing with his deaf girlfriend and jerking off while we’re dirty talking. And I thought, ‘This is going to be a fun job to have.'” 

Justin Kirk stars in the NBC sitcom Animal Kingdom with Crystal as Dr. Zaius
Justin Kirk briefly starred in the NBC sitcom ‘Animal Kingdom’ with Crystal as Dr. Zaius (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

I watched every episode I could find. Several of them, I watched over and over. This summer, I hooked my wife and we rented the series from Netflix, starting with season one. She’s almost caught up and we hope to start on season 5, which began airing new episodes this month, shortly.

If you’ve never seen the show on grounds similar to my original view, I urge you to reconsider. The cast includes Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, the insane Kevin Nealon and the show’s gooey center, my guest today, Justin Kirk, who plays Andy Botwin.

If you’re easily offended, don’t click the “play” button below. This show is intended for adults.

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