Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 Exit Interview: Giovanni! PODCAST INTERVIEW


This is a “Hell’s Kitchen” interview that I didn’t expect to do until the end of this, the show’s fifth season on Fox. Joining me today is Giovanni, the steakhouse chef from Destin, Florida, who looked like he could go all the way with Chef Gordon Ramsay, until a flame out in last night’s episode.

Giovanni struggled in the first episode—which, ironically, featured his specialty, steak. But he rebounded and demonstrated not only talent but an amiable personality. Sometimes, in Hell’s Kitchen,” culinary talent is not enough.

Joining me this morning is Giovanni, the tenth contestant to whom Chef Gordon Ramsay has uttered the fateful words: “Take off your jacket.”

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  1. I have been enjoying your Hells Kitchen Chef interviews these past few weeks, especially since they have given a little bit of the behind the scenes information, and
    its been interesting to hear the Contestants attitude about their time on the show.

    I thought it was very honorable of Lacey to admit she was out of her depth and admitted that the show pretty much captured her performance (I hate it when contestants use the “it was the editing!” excuse).

    The only thing I can say about Giovanni was “Bitter Much?” It was very clear he did not want to do the interview and you conducted it well given the circumstances.

    Keep up the great work!


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