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Today’s Guest: David Spaltro, indie filmmaker, … Around

...Around, David Spaltro, director
Filmmaker David Spaltro

I get pitched on an awful lot of potential interviews. This one caught my attention:

...Around, David Spaltro, director
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“My name is David Spaltro and I’m an independent filmmaker and producer from NYC. Last year I completed my first feature film … Around. It was a labor of love about a young man with a dual life ‘living’ out of Penn and Grand Central Station while going to film school, based on my own personal experiences a few years ago in this city. 21 shooting days, 190 locations all over the city, self-financed and done for $175,000 on 40 credit cards… no, seriously. I may have caused the fiscal crisis. Sorry.

“I’m writing you because I’d love to send you a screener DVD. I think, as someone who is an avid lover of film, the story will really hit home… I think because of the struggle to make the film, the whole DIY approach with no previous experiences or resources, to fund, make, and distribute a feature film in 2 years and now to see it out there and in these rough economic times what the story stands for would make for an interesting and inspirational piece, especially concerning the two lead actors, current LA transplant Robert Evans and NYC actress Molly Ryman, two amazing talents who are on their way to breaking through…”

Then I watched the movie. It’s a little rough around the edges, but undeniably endearing and as personal a film as one can imagine.

Which brings us to this moment.

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