Stuart Skorman, CLERKDOGS.COM founder: Mr. Media Audio Interview

Cover of "The French Connection"Cover of The French Connection

We’ve reached a point in popular culture where there are so many generational touchstones that it’s no longer safe to assume that if I tell you that I loved The French Connection, that you can safely assume that I will also know about other movies in that era or genre such as Serpico, Supercops or The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3. and Netflix reached that conclusion; that’s why, if you buy or rent a movie, book, a DVD or MP3 from them, their computer concierge will automatically recommend something similar you might also enjoy.

And now, Stuart Skorman, founder of Empire Video and—a precursor to Netflix—thinks we need a return to the human touch for movie recommendations. That’s why he’s launched

You can LISTEN to this interview with STUART SKORMAN, the founder of CLERKDOGS.COM by clicking the audio player above!

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