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Today’s Guest: Hayes Ferguson, chief operating officer,

Hayes Ferguson, Mr. Media Interviews
Hayes Ferguson

Dying sucks—for those left behind, that is. Not sure yet what it means to the deceased.

There are all the feelings of sadness and regret, things left unsaid, things left undone. We’re always looking for ways to express ourselves and our emotional when a loved one passes.

The Internet, of course, has the answer. is the permanent resting place for expressing all the thoughts and emotions you have for the deceased. It’s also a place where we can share our grief and memories with other mourners—some we know, some we don’t. logo

And when a celebrity dies—as occurred with actress Natasha Richardson just yesterday—it becomes an online gathering place for admirers and fans to learn more about the individual as a human being.

Joining me today to talk about is its chief operating officer, Hayes Ferguson. WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoogle+

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