Worst Week bumbler Kyle Bornheimer gets star treatment! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Actor Kyle Bornheimer, star of “Worst Week” on CBS.


Kyle Bornheimer, actor, Worst Week, CBS, Mr. Media Interviews
Actor Kyle Bornheimer, star of “Worst Week” on CBS

The only person who doesn’t find the new CBS TV sitcom “Worst Week” hysterical is the person who isn’t watching it.

Last night, less than 45 minutes before his marriage to Melanie, Sam managed to set his in-laws swimming pool on fire. Don’t ask me how—just believe it was the latest fall out of your seat laughing moment on a show that thrives on calamitous humor.

Joining me today is the star of “Worst Week,” Kyle Bornheimer. The show airs on CBS on Mondays at 9:30 p.m. If you haven’t seen his show—and what are you waiting for?—Kyle may still be a familiar face; he’s been in training for this role as a perpetual one-shot guest star in everything from episodes of “Will & Grace” and “Weeds” to “Breaking Bad” and “Jericho.” And who could forget him in the episode of “Girlfriends” titled, “What’s Black-a-Lackin’?”

He’s also starring in a movie due out this spring called She’s Out of My League.

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