Novelist James Sheehan gets The Law of Second Chances! PODCAST INTERVIEW

The Law of Second Chances by James Sheehan
Order ‘The Law of Second Chances’ by James Sheehan from by clicking on the book cover above.

I met James Sheehan at a St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading event back in 2005. I was there promoting my new biography of Will Eisner and he was riding a wave of excellent reviews for his first novel, The Mayor of Lexington Avenue.

As we got talking, however, we realized we had met before – through our dogs.

Turns out, Jim and his wife literally live around the corner from me. I walk my dogs several times a day, and his dogs had figured out a way of tunneling under the fence. They didn’t know how to get back once they were loose, however, so my wife and I returned them to the Sheehan’s yard more than once over the years.

Jim Sheehan, author of The Law of Second Chances
Jim Sheehan, author of The Law of Second Chances

They’ve got a new fence now, so that doesn’t happen as often.

A few weeks back, Jim and I met up again. He was on his way to South Carolina for a big booksellers event to launch his second novel, The Law of Second Chances. Jim gave me a copy to read and I knew it was time to get my neighbor on the show.

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James Sheehan returned to Mr. Media for a 2013 video interview!



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