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Keith Brown, cartoonist, The Wages of Sin, Mr. Media Interviews
Keith Brown, cartoonist, The Wages of Sin

I can’t remember how I first came in contact with Missouri cartoonist Keith Brown, but I’m pretty sure Facebook or Twitter was involved.

Keith is the creator of a short-lived, self-syndicated daily comic strip called “The Wages of Sin.” Funny thing is, the strip – which takes place in the bowels of red-hot Hell – got funnier and funnier in its final year as Keith’s frustrations with President Donald Trump boiled over and he let loose in the cartoon panels of “Sin.”

KEITH BROWN podcast excerpt: “We can disagree politically. But what’s going on now is not remotely normal. … It does matter who we elect. The people who keep blinders on in the face of what is known refuse to accept reality. I don’t get it.”

The Wages of Sin by Keith Brown, Mr. Media Interviews
Order The Wages of Sin, Vol. IV by Keith Brown from by clicking on the book cover above!

And some time since the 666th and final strip appeared, Keith’s view of Trump’s indiscretions, lunacy and general bad behavior have been revealed to be more on target than ever before.

Since our paths first crossed online, I have gone from frequently sharing his more political strips in social media to publishing them via Mr. Media Books. You can now own a little bit of Keith by ordering The Wages of Sin, Vol. IV, available in full-color from

I fully expect “The Wages of Sin” will have a glorious after-life.

In addition to being a cartoonist, Keith is also a children’s author and earlier this year published It’s An Extra Spooky Creepy Heebie-Jeebie Halloween.

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Kicking Through the Ashes by Ritch Shydner, Mr. Media Interviews
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