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I’m guessing that, like me, you probably listen to your favorite podcasts whenever and wherever you can squeeze them in. For me, that includes the last 15 minutes of the day, or while I’m walking the dog, or on the treadmill at the gym, or driving somewhere, or even cranked up loud while I’m in the shower.

That last place was where I happened to be listening to a recent episode of the “Marvel News Desk” show.

RHIANNON podcast excerpt: “Last year, I was planning to go to San Diego Comic-Con. My Dad said, ‘Where did this come from???’ Because, as a kid, I never read a comic book!”

Generally, I’m not one to discuss such things, except this time, I had a head covered in shampoo when Caleb, Rhiannon and Adam announced they were about to begin reviewing season three of “Daredevil” on Netflix, spoilers and all.


“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” my wife asked, rushing into the bathroom from the living room.

ADAM BARNHARDT podcast excerpt: “I didn’t say one actual curse word during the ‘Iron Fist’ cancellation podcast. That’s what our (private) Skype chats are for. Those are a hard ‘R’! But if I can make it through talking about the ‘Iron Fist’ cancellation for one hour without dropping an ‘F’ bomb, I am probably going pretty far in life.”

“I can’t turn off my iPhone without getting it wet and Marvel News Desk is about to reveal Daredevil spoilers,” I said. “Turn it off!”

Mimi, who has watched every episode of Marvel’s Netflix shows with me – and has listened to more than a few “Marvel News Desk” podcasts – understood my anguish. We had not yet started watching DD3.

“Marvel News Desk” – hosted by ringmaster Caleb Borchers, refereed by Rhiannon and anguished by Adam Barnhardt – is easily the podcast I look forward to more than any other each week. It is frothy good fun and since splitting off from the MCU Exchange early in 2018, it has hit its stride in terms of information, laughs and insight. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of films and TV shows, there is nothing more entertaining out there than this.

CALEB A. BORCHERS podcast excerpt: “I’m a pastor; I work in ministry. It’s my full-time job. We don’t talk about it too much on the podcast. I know it freaks some people out. I try to be pretty chill about it. But it comes in handy sometimes: I did an episode of our sister podcast, ‘AP Marvel,’ about Catholicism in ‘Daredevil.'”

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