Comedian John Caparulo’s thoughts on Donald Trump! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: John Caparulo, comedian, “Caplets” podcast



Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with John Caparulo by clicking on the video player above! 


John Caparulo, Jamie Caparulo, podcast, Domestic Disputes, Mr. Media Interviews
Married couple John Caparulo and Jamie Caparulo host a podcast, “Domestic Disputes”

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience full of two-drink-minimum political critics that wouldn’t know a phallic symbol if it was dangling in front of their nose … in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

I think the first thing you need to know about comedian John Caparulo is where he was on November 8, 2016.

Home. With his beautiful wife Jamie. And infant daughter, Madden. Oh, and I think his dog, Barney, was probably there, too.

Why is this important?

Because while it was Election Day in the United States, neither John nor Jamie was motivated to go out and vote. Not for The Donald; Not for Hillary.

As Jamie put it on their podcast, “Domestic Disputes,” “We didn’t feel either one of them was worth putting on pants to vote for.”

Caplets podcast by John Caparulo, Mr. Media Interviews
Watch John Caparulo’s live comedy podcast “Caplets”

I’m not telling you that to form a judgment, just as a point of information for what happened four months later, in late February 2017.

JOHN CAPARULO podcast excerpt: “When you watch the video, I didn’t move. I just trusted my belly to absorb the blow. And it did. I was just glad I got the whole thing on tape. I’m not a politically-charged comedian — those are big world problems and I have a small world point of view.”

John was recording an installment of his short-form video stand-up series, “Caplets,” when he cracked wise about the new president. A lady in the audience didn’t like his jokes and eventually launched a beer his way, hitting her mark.

The clip quickly went viral, thanks to TMZ.

What’s odd is that Caparulo isn’t exactly known for his political commentary. Domestic commentary, yes. Sports, yes. Politics? Eh, not so much.

But in an era when comics need a little something extra to stand out – a podcast, a sitcom, regular appearances on Colbert, Maher or Kimmel – a drunk at the Hermosa Beach Magic & Comedy Club gave this new daddy his chance for a little stardust.

By the way, Caparulo isn’t new to this show. He made his first appearance on Mr. Media back in October 2010.
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