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Today’s Guest: Novelist Lida Sideris, author of Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters, former Hollywood studio attorney.


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Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters by Lida Sideris, Mr. Media Interviews
Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters by Lida Sideris. Order now by clicking on the book cover above!

Here’s a great title for a mystery novel: Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters.

It’s writer Lida Sideris’s first crack at fiction writing and the former Hollywood studio attorney certainly promises a lot right up front!

LIDA SIDERIS podcast excerpt: “My day job as a lawyer can be a bit intense. So this book was an escape hatch for me, carved with words, zany characters, odd situations, action and adventure the whole way.”

The good news is that she delivers a fun, frothy read with lots of kooky showbiz types circling our heroine, amateur sleuth Corrie Locke.

You might say I came for the title and stayed for the characterization, as Sideris moves the story along with a cast of characters straight out of Central Casting and plot twists that would be unlikely in Des Moines.

LIDA SIDERIS podcast excerpt: “I’ve been asked by people, ‘Is there a “Me” character in the book?’ And I’ve said, ‘Not unless you’ve done this and that.’ I asked someone who worked closely with me (when I was a Hollywood studio attorney), ‘Did anyone seem familiar to you?’ She said, ‘No. I wish things like that happened!”

Sideris started her career as a law clerk for the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and later worked as a business affairs director at Lorimar-Telepictures (which is curiously hyphenated like Keith-Ameripictures in her novel). She currently works as executive director for a legal non-profit organization and writes on the side.

Key interview moments:

• 3:55 If your day job is a roller-coaster, attorney-turned-novelist Lida Sideris suggests writing to take the edge off;

• 11:40 Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters is the kind of novel that has the authors friends wondering if they are in it;

• 19:00 Sideris answers questions about a possible sequel for the book’s star, Corrie Locke.

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Dirt, Tony Doris, novelist, Palm Beach Post reporter, Mr. Media Interviews
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