Car Talk with Ford Motor President Mark Fields! PODCAST INTERVIEW

(This interview was originally recorded September 10, 2009 for a Ford-sponsored report on Your host was compensated for his work.)

Mark Fields, President, Ford Motor Company, Mr. Media Interviews
Mark Fields, President, Ford Motor Company

My first car—and I suspect yours, too—was a Ford.

I loved that car like no other since. It was 1977 and my father saw it sitting, day after day, in front of a neighbor’s house. One day, he knocked on the day and asked if the owner was interesting in selling it. The answer was yes and the price was right: $50. No kidding.

And that’s how I became the proud owner of a black, 1963 Ford Falcon sedan. It was one of only two cars I’ve ever owned that I could actually change the oil and accomplish a few other minor maintenance tasks by myself. (The second was a ’62 Falcon!) I gave that car all the best accoutrement: green shag carpets on the floor, an 8-track player… You get the idea. I was poor, but I had wheels!

That first car has been on mind lately as many of my friends’ kids are suddenly old enough to start driving and my 13-year-old daughter is starting to think about what her first car. Maybe a Ford: the Fit is cute, she says, as is the Focus.

But enough about me. Joining me in a moment is Mark Fields, executive vice president of the Ford Motor Company and president of Ford operations in the Americas. We’re going to talk about the “Summer of Taurus” promotion, the impact of the federal “Cash for Clunkers” program and what Ford plans next to sustain its sales momentum. And yes, I’m going to ask what Ford products he recommends for the next generation’s first car.

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