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Today’s Guest: UK singer-songwriter Lucy Cioffi, whose latest EP is Little Lapin.


Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with UK singer-songwriter Lucy Cioffi, whose latest EP is Little Lapin by clicking on the video player above!

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I often wondered why the world didn’t see more women who wrote music and sang like Chrissie Hynde, leader of The Pretenders.

You know her music – “Middle of the Road,” “I’ll Stand By You,” “Brass in Pocket,” “My City Was Gone,” “Stop Your Sobbing.” Hers was a distinctive sound; both lyrically and musically, you can always tell a Chrissie Hynde song apart from all others.

LUCY CIOFFI podcast excerpt: “I did an open mic night in Raglan, New Zealand–a surf town–and found a lovely pocket of people that were supportive of my music. I got a band together whilst I was there and our gigs were really busy. It was a really good training ground. I was very lucky to be based there for a while.”

You can LISTEN to this interview with UK singer-songwriter LUCY CIOFFI, by clicking the audio player above!

Well a lot of people find that the UK’s Lucy Cioffi – performing as Little Lapin – reminds them a lot of Hynde. And after hearing a few of her originals, it was pretty easy to understand why.

Lucy’s 2014 EP, Little Lapin, is available domestically in the U.S. and the rest of the world, and following completion of a tour that took her from New Zealand to New York, she is in the process of writing and recording new music for her next LP.

For the next half hour, we’re going to talk about music, long shadows, and Lucy will play two of her songs, “Go! Stop! Go!” and “Sound of Summer.”

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