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Today’s Guest: Joel Meadows, editor, Tripwire Digital Magazine



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Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience that may be Facebook friends with Joel Meadows but only because he confused you with somebody else … in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Tripwire 21st Anniversary, Joel Meadows, editor, Mr. Media Interviews
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My remaining days in London during August 2013 were down to just two and I was spending one of them working in my hotel room. I even posted a picture on Facebook of my faux misery: two open laptops and a fresh room service meal of fish & chips.

Moments later, I heard from Joel Meadows, who saw the photo. He asked if I was actually in London.

I was. We were already connected via Facebook – although how seemed pretty sketchy – and Joel suggested we meet in person. I was already looking for an escape for the next night from my wife and daughter who planned on camping in front of the TV for the big reveal of the new “Doctor Who.” I said, “Why not?”

JOEL MEADOWS podcast excerpt: “What’s sort of marked us out from the U.S. comics fan and professional’s perspective is we have an outsider’s perspective in the UK. And I think that’s what we strive to offer.”

Tripwire 54 cover, Bender, Futurama, Mr. Media Interviews
Bender from “Futurama” on the cover of Tripwire 54
Tripwire 54 cover, Bender, Futurama, Mr. Media Interviews
Nick Fury , a.k.a. Samuel L. Jackson, illustrated on the cover of Tripwire.

We met at a Thai restaurant in an area of London my girls and I had not explored and hit it off famously. Turned out we had plenty of mutual friends in the comic book world, including DC Comics art editor Mark Chiarello, an acquaintance of mine going back to when we were teenagers in Central Jersey.

But our actual connection was rather tenuous – Joel thought I was somebody else and I thought I knew him, but didn’t.

No matter. He told me about his long-running UK comics magazine, Tripwire, and about its upcoming digital debut on the iPad. I promised that once it officially published, I’d be delighted to feature him and it on Mr. Media.

Tripwire Digital Magazine is now a downloadable reality and so…

Joel Meadows WebsiteTripwire on FacebookJoel Meadows on Facebook • Download Tripwire Digital Magazine from iTunes

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