Singer-songwriter Jeff Black offers his latest Confessions! VIDEO INTERVIEW, LIVE PERFORMANCES

Today’s Guest: Jeff Black, singer-songwriter, B-Sides and Confessions, Volume Two



Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Jeff Black by clicking on the video player above!

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience looking for a good story, put to music, to get their day off to a great start… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

B-Sides And Confessions Vol. 2 by Jeff Black
Order ‘B-Sides And Confessions Vol. 2’ by Jeff Black, available from by clicking on the album cover above!

I heard the first song on singer-songwriter Jeff Black’s new album, B-Sides and Confessions, Volume Two, and that was all it took.

One stanza of the lyrics, in fact, cemented his appearance here:

I dropped down to see the doctor
He gave me some strange strange news
He said I think you’re going to live forever boy
But you’re to die a little bit before you do

JEFF BLACK podcast excerpt: “There are as many different concert nights as there are people on the planet. Luckily for me, the kind of music I write and perform is sought out. There is a huge contingency of people who seek out singer-songwriters”

That just really spoke to me and opened a gateway into the folk/Americana style of Black’s music.

The good news is that Black is joining me today to talk music and, even better, to play a couple of songs for us. And if you like what you see and hear, you can catch “An Evening with Jeff Black” on tour this fall in Louisville, Kentucky, Valdosta, Georgia, Gainesville, Florida, and right here in St. Petersburg on Sunday, September 15 at The Palladium.

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BONUS! The interview above was actually take two. The first time we tried this, the sound was great but somehow the video went black after just a couple minutes. Jeff Black agreed to release it as a bonus. It includes several different topics and performances of “All Right Now” and “Rider Coming” that are slightly different. Enjoy!


LISTENING TIP: The first interview below plays automatically. The second you have to start manually.

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