Mad Men actress Channing Chase lifts veil on Pete Campbell’s mom! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today’s Guest: Channing Chase, actress, “Mad Men”



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When last we heard of Pete Campbell’s mother, Dorothy, the increasingly senile senior had run away with her Latin “lover,” Manolo, and had likely been a victim of foul play at sea.

It was seemingly an unfortunate end for the character–and the woman who played her, Mad Men actress Channing Chase—but probably not an unexpected result for anyone connected with Pete, whose personal demons may actually exceed those of the show’s lead character, Don Draper.

It’s been a tough life for spoiled rich boy Pete, whose dad also perished on the series. And who, after his wife discovered his infidelities, was thrown out on his ass.

CHANNING CHASE podcast excerpt: “Dot Campbell is really on the road to dementia. In my imagination, I’m having an affair with my male nurse, Manolo! He is the superb Latin lover. Kisses my hand, treats me like I’m gold. I don’t know how much physical contact they’ve had.”

And, of course, nobody at the office much likes Pete, either, so he isn’t likely to get much sympathy there.

As for Channing Chase, my guest today, you might have recognized her for film roles in Evan Almighty with Steve Carrell or Charlie Wilson’s War with Tom Hanks.

She is perhaps best known to TV audiences for her roles in “ER,” “Life With Bonnie,” “Home Improvement,” “Family Matters,” and “Cold Case.” She is also a founder of the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, California.

While it doesn’t look good for Dorothy Campbell’s return to “Mad Men” in the 7th and final season, the show’s extensive use of flashbacks means anything could happen between now and the start of next year’s final season, right?

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Elisabeth Moss and Channing Chase in AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ (2007)

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