Getting Married? Avoid cartoonist Barbara Slate’s mistakes! VIDEO INTERVIEW



Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of men, women and children who wish this union would come to an end… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate
Order ‘Getting Married and Other Mistakes’ by Barbara Slate from by clicking on the book cover above!

Barbara Slate has told a tale of marital woe in her new book, Getting Married and Other Mistakes.

But the good news is that the story is illustrated, so it both takes a little sting out while, at the same time, letting the zing hit the fan in pictures when it most suits her.

I suspect this is a story to which many modern women can relate: heavy pressure on little girls to marry rich (but not smart); overbearing mothers who see college as a route to an M-R-S, not an M-B-A; recognizing the difference between sex and love; and just how creepy a Barbie Bride lamp can be on an adolescent girl’s bedside table.

BARBARA SLATE podcast excerpt: “I see people who are happily married. And my daughter wants to get married. But there is a lot of work and really understanding each other involved. Therapy before you get married is a really good idea.” 

Barbara, who joins me today, is a legend in the comic book and graphic novel industry, a place where only a handful of women have made a name for themselves. She has worked for Marvel, DC, Archie and Disney Comics over the years and is the author of You Can Do a Graphic Novel. She is also profiled in the book, A Century of Women Cartoonists.

This is her second appearance on Mr. Media.

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Will Eisner: A Spirited Life by Bob Andelman, Mr. Media Interviews
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