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Today’s Guest: Kim Bass, writer, director, Kill Speed


Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of action film directors who don’t hire no stinkin’ stuntmen!… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

Kill Speed, Kim Bass, Director
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If you see only one action adventure film this summer about Mexican drug cartels selling meth and the American fly guys who deliver it via high speed jet prototypes, make it Kill Speed.

I was pleasantly surprised by this new indie film by writer, producer, director Kim Bass, which will be released on DVD on June 12. It’s got a solid, compact story, a smooth intermingling of live action flying sequences with computer-generated pieces as jets zip through the concrete canyons of downtown Los Angeles, and smart bits of humor and self-aware jibes that make it a great joy ride.

KIM BASS podcast excerpt: “Some of the investors in Kill Speed were active duty Air Force officers who fly F-16 jets right now. You can only imagine the scrutiny we received making a movie about flying. They wanted to make sure it was real and that it looked real.” 

Kill Speed also has several familiar stars who succeed in grabbing our attention, starting with Tom Arnold as a trailer trash meth cooker, Robert Patrick as the president of the United States, Greg Grunberg as the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency-like “DIA,” wrestler Bill Goldberg, and former boy band heartthrob Nick Carter as one of the fly guys. The lead roles are ably handled by Andrew Keegan, Brandon Quinn and Natalia Cigliuti.

This is Kim Bass’s second 2012 spring release, coming on the heels of Junkyard Dog, which stars Vivica A. Fox.

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